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Pureza Lourenco - Marketing and Social Media Executive


Since I was a little girl I have always been grateful for everything my family provided me, specially because from where I am from, social inequality is a major issue. Thus, I have always felt the need and empathy to help those who have been unprivileged and lacked of what is deemed to be crucial to man kind. As chemical Engineer studying in the UK, i have always loved to undertake challenges and enhance my problem solving techniques in a very realistic way. Therefore, I do recognise that it is almost impossible to achieve “the paradise”, where everyone has access to food, knowledge and shelter. However, I strongly believe, that one man’s action will definitely impact one man’s life. And by focusing on this statement, it can lead to great accomplishment and not only have a positive effect on one life, but to change as many lives as possible.  


During my free time I do enjoy to be on my own, organise my thoughts and sequence my ideias. Further, I love to work out, read (specially novels) and watch tv shows where the content focus more on mastermind individuals, such as “Money heist, Da Vinci Code and Breaking Bad”. I also, love to spend time with my family and friends as family to me, is the centre of everything.


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