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Cassia Carmo - Charity Representative and Policy Advisor, Angola 


The best way to describe me is "a constant search for knowledge".

I am Chemical Engineering and during my time as a student, I realized how powerful knowledge is. I have made it my goal in life to help those from less advantaged backgrounds become more empowered. I strongly believe in the "butterfly effect", and therefore the small gestures that we do to improve other people's lives can generate a chain effect, and change a whole generation for better.


My hobbies change all the time, because I am always up to learning new things. I used to write, and then I though it was handy to learn kick-boxing (still don't know how to punch or kick), but now I have fallen in love with the art of dancing: I dance salsa and give Zumba classes.


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Cássia Carmo


Cassia Carmo


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